15. The miracles of Jesus

If someone were to come to you today and say, “I am the son god!” what would you do? Yes, you would immediately ask to prove it. Of course you would ask for it! And you would not want silly evidence. You would want real, solid, tangible evidence. You would ask to regrow amputated limbs for example. No normal person, none at all, would accept anything less than extremely solid evidence from a person who proclaims to be a god child. Why should it be any different with Jesus?

Even, as it says in John’s Gospel, Jesus was god and god was Jesus, no doubt about it! If he was god, then he should have been able to prove it in a real and inimitable way. If he was not able to prove it clearly enough, he was not god. A believer would say, “But Jesus proved it! Just look at all the miracles he did in the Gospel! He healed the sick! He turned water into wine! That proves that Jesus is almighty god!” Does this make sense to you? Imagine someone coming to you today and saying, “I am god and I will prove it to you by healing the sick and turning water into wine!” What would you say? Be honest. You would not believe this person because:

  1. Everyone has seen all kinds of “healers” who can “heal” the sick. And we all know that this kind of “healing” is quackery. Only believers can believe such nonsense. If it were true, we wouldn’t need doctors, hospitals and medicine.
  1. Turning water into wine… Doesn’t that sound like something a David Copperfield-type magician or better C-list magician could do in a nightclub show? There are a dozen ways to stage things in such a way as to make it look like you have turned water into wine. There is no reason why a normal person should accept sleight of hand as proof that someone is god.

No miracle or wonder of Jesus Christ is original; other deities did the same things before him. No miracle of any deity can be scientifically examined today. Not one of Jesus’ miracles has left tangible evidence for scientists to study. Did he raise dead bodies? Did he walk on water? Where is the evidence?

It is simple. If someone today claimed to be god, you would never believe it if the evidence had to consist of healings and cheap magic tricks. Never! Yet billions of people proclaim that Jesus’ healings and magic tricks prove that he is god. Let’s imagine that Jesus is really god. What could he have done to prove it? He could have started by taking one of the most famous things he said in the Gospel and making it happen for real.

In Matthew 17:20 Jesus says with absolute clarity:

“Because of your little faith. Truly I say to you, if you have faith equal to a mustard seed, you will be able to say to this mountain, Move from here to there, and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

In Matthew 21:21,22 Jesus says:

“Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only be able to do that which hath befallen this fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Get thee out of thence, and cast thee into the sea, it shall come to pass. And whatever you ask in faith in prayer, you will obtain.”

To prove that he is god, Jesus could have moved a mountain, since the thing is so simple, and he could have written something to explain himself better.

Jesus could have written something to explain himself. This is what the first page of his book might have looked like:

“My name is Jesus and I am god who is omnipotent, omniscient, extremely good and merciful. I know there will be many people who will doubt that I am god, so let me begin by proving it to you. Look at Mount Sinai. Everyone knows that, until today, Mount Sinai stood near here. It is where god, myself, my father and I, we…I…in short…gave Moses the Ten Commandments. This morning I made Mount Sinai disappear and, what was left in its place is a perfectly smooth, polished stone base measuring six square kilometers. Hundreds of years from now people will discover that Mount Sinai has been transported to a place to be called Newark, New Jersey. When scientists dig into this mountain, they will find that its base is also completely smooth and shiny and that the base of that mountain in New Jersey matches perfectly with the perfectly smooth plain nearby. Scientists will be able with flying machines called satellites to align the mountain and the plain, look at the crystals in the rock one by one at the microscopic level, so they will get irrefutable evidence. I have said many times that if you have faith you can move mountains. I moved Mount Sinai to show you how simple it is and to prove that I am Almighty God. I have the whole of humanity at heart and want to save everyone. God is love.

I know this may not be enough, so I want to offer you two more overwhelming proofs.

I have engraved in the moon rock, in a place that will be called the Sea of Tranquility, Yeshua (Jesus) my name. In the year called 1969 men who will descend to the lunar surface will be able to see that what I have written today is true.

The final proof is this: If you draw a circle, you know that you can measure a segment that goes through the circle. Let’s call it the diameter of the circle. You can also measure a length all around the circle. Let’s call it circumference. If we divide the circumference by the diameter, we get another number. Let’s call it Pi. Its first six digits are 3.14159. Pi is an irrational number. It is a number that is composed of an infinite number of digits, which do not repeat. There will come a day when machines called computers will calculate billions of digits of Pi. If you calculate Pi with a million trillion digits, here is what you will find:


Now, having proven that I am god to every rational being, through the documented movement of a mountain, the engraving of my name on the moon rock, and, with my a priori knowledge of the digits of Pi at the position of a million trillion, here is what I want to say to the human race as your creator of the Universe: on the day … of the year called …, there will be the end of everything, I, being good and merciful want to save all the people of the world, so whoever will believe in me and, be baptized, will be saved, but whoever will not believe will be condemned.”

(So good it would not seem…)

Wouldn’t that be impressive and amazing? If we had such a book, that Mount Sinai had actually been moved? Then there would be no more doubt about Jesus. We would all believe that he is god. How could we not? Imagine what this book could say in the following pages. A book like that would leave us all in awe. Why didn’t Jesus do that?

Even the Old Testament fables do not offer a shred of real, solid, tangible evidence. The reason is obvious to any normal, rational person; god is only imaginary.

Nowadays we would not believe that someone is god without concrete evidence. Jesus cannot get a free pass just because he lived 2,000 years ago. Jesus, assuming he existed, was a human being exactly like us. All the fables of miracles were nonsense invented for the purpose of converting people.

The authors of the Gospels were aware of the consequences they would trigger, they were aware that at the request of a miracle absolutely nothing would happen, therefore, they devised an easy way to justify the failure of such requests. It was enough to write without a hint of shame, contradicting themselves and 99% of the Bible (of the fact that god hears and answers prayers. See Try praying), simply that:

Mark 8:11,13.

“Then the Pharisees came and began to argue with him, asking him for a sign from heaven, to test him. But he, with a deep sigh, said, why does this generation ask for a sign? Verily I say unto you, no sign shall be given to this generation. And leaving them, he got back into the boat and went to the other side.”

Mark also writes that Jesus is not omnipotent. Let us read:

Mark 6:4,5.

“Jesus could not work wonders because of the unbelief of the people of Nazareth.”

Jesus therefore, cannot perform miracles where there is stubborn unbelief, Mark clearly says that Jesus is limited.

Matthew 12:38.

“Then some of the scribes and Pharisees questioned him, Master, we would like you to show us a sign. And he answered, A perverse and adulterous generation demands a sign! But no sign will be given to it.”

Luke 11:29.

“As the crowds thronged, Jesus began to say, this generation is a wicked generation; it seeks a sign, but no sign will be given it.”

There you have created the perfect alibi, simply reciting the above mentioned verses. Piece of cake, all artfully designed…. You want a miracle? Jesus will not give it to you! (So he is not good and he is not omnipotent…)

When asked why Jesus did not perform an obvious miracle for all to see to give proof of his existence, or why there are no obvious miracles today, which shout without a shadow of a doubt to the whole world: god is there!, believers childishly reply that god has given us the freedom to believe in him or not, they reply that Jesus could have performed such a number of incredible miracles that people would have been forced to believe in him but god always upholds the free will he has granted us. If god really demonstrates his power in an absolute way, he can force us to believe in his existence.

Exactly the opposite, miracles were and still are used to convert hearts and increase faith in christ and god the father, to make people believe that christ was and is really the imaginary son of god (see Try praying).

If you talked to a religious person you might find yourself having a very strange conversation, they say so much nonsense and contradictions that half is enough. According to what they say, god and Jesus performing various miracles would have forced everyone to believe in them… Billions of people believed and still believe in Jesus’ miracles, such as his resurrection, because they were forced to believe… If you talked to a religious person you might find yourself having a conversation like this:

Atheist: If Jesus is god, why didn’t he prove it?

Believer: He did! He performed several miracles and rose again. That proves that he is God!

Atheist: Why didn’t he prove he is god in a way that was definitive and

scientifically examinable-for example, by moving a mountain?

Believer: He could not do that! That way he would have taken away man’s freedom to believe in him. People must come to god through faith.

Atheist: Then why did Jesus perform the miracles described in Scripture?

Believer: To prove that he was god. If he had not performed miracles, culminating in his most miraculous resurrection, we would not know he was god.

Atheist: I thought if Jesus performed miracles to prove he was god, it would take away our free will.

Believer: No.

Atheist: But isn’t that what you just said?

Believer: No. What I just said is that Jesus’ miracles prove that he was god.

Atheist: Then why didn’t Jesus perform real, concrete miracles, like moving a mountain?

Believer: Because he would have taken away our free will….

Try to conduct such a conversation with a believer and you will find yourself in a bizarre, borderline discussion. The nonexistent logic will leave you stunned: Jesus had to perform miracles to prove his divinity and that does not take away our free will but, if Jesus did not perform miracles that we can see and verify scientifically, it is because otherwise he would have deprived us of free will (see Free will).


Believers when they do not know how to answer always use free will and the devil (their other imaginary friend) and, always the same people then, contradict themselves by talking about divine piando (see Divine plan).