Size guide - Crew Sweatshirt


Product measurements

Measurements are given by the suppliers. Product measurements may vary up to 2″ (5 cm).

Check the measurements for each individual product, because each may be different from the other.

Important tip to be more accurate! Simply measure accurately one of the products you own and compare it to the measurements in this guide.

A Length
Place the tape measure on the collar, at the highest point of shoulder attachment, and measure to the hem of the shirt.

B Width
Measure by placing the tape measure horizontally below the armhole seam. Measure from seam to seam.



  Length inches Length cm Width inches Width cm
S 27.2 69  20.1 51
M 28 71 22 56
L 29.1 74 24 61
XL 29.9 76 26 66
2XL 31.1 79 28 71
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