Shipping and delivery time

Global free shipping. Orders are shipped to most countries around the world, but there are some exceptions due to legal restrictions or courier limitations. For the moment we do not ship to the following countries and geographical areas: Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea.

Production and logistics facilities are strategically located in various places around the world, so product orders and shipping are managed from the center closest to the customer.

What is the estimated delivery time and how is it calculated?

The estimated delivery time is the time frame within which your order is expected to arrive and is calculated by adding the estimated handling and shipping time. Look at the following formula:

estimated handling time + estimated shipping time = estimated delivery time

Average handling time is 2-5 business days for all products.

The estimated shipping time is calculated based on an average delivery time in your area or sales region.

The expected delivery time is only an estimate, it is not a guarantee. Here are some reasons why you may receive your order after the estimated delivery date:

  • problems with graphics files
  • products out of stock
  • shipping-related delays, such as failed delivery attempts or service interruptions

We do our best to meet our delivery estimates. If you do not receive your order by the expected date, please wait a few more days. If the delay persists, please contact us, we will check the status of your order and let you know how to proceed. Contact

Some examples of delivery times:

  Country/region Shipping time
United States (USA) 4–8 working days
Canada 4–12 working days
United Kingdom (UK) 3-7 working days
France 4-8 working days
Germany 4-8 working days
Italy 4-10 working days
Spain 4-8 working days
Finland 7-10 working days
Sweden 4-15 working days
Swiss 6-10 working days
Japan 3-14 working days

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